I have an event coming up soon. Can my dental work be done in time?

You bet. One of the best parts about having a dental practice centered on the patient is we listen to your concerns and build your treatment around you. Obviously some treatments take more time, but we can usually find a way to accommodate your needs.

I have dental insurance and you’re not a preferred provider. Will my insurance pay for my treatment?

Yes! Insurance carriers are required to pay the same amount regardless of the provider you choose. Because our office is not a preferred provider, we don’t have to limit your treatment to only the procedures your insurance company covers. As an example, many insurance plans will only cover a mercury/silver filling on a back tooth, rather than an all-natural ceramic restoration.

I’ve had bad experiences at the dentist previously. Will my treatment hurt?

You would be amazed at how far dentistry has come. The combination of Dr. Crosby’s gentle touch and technology like The Wand for anesthesia make your visits virtually painless. A patient-centered practice also means we take all the time you need to be sure you are comfortable and don’t experience the feeling of being rushed, as many other dental offices do.

My dentist doesn’t do implants. May I see Dr. Crosby just for an implant?

Yes, and you will love how easy the technology makes the placement of implants.

I want to transfer all of my dental care to Dr. Crosby. Do you need my dental records from my former dentist?

Dental records are nice to have, but not required. Dr. Crosby may need to make additional images and notes, depending on the quality and timeline of your previous records. Our technology is so advanced; we can determine your dental history very quickly.