Have you lost any or all of your teeth? At Richard Crosby, DDS, we know how devastating it is not to be able to eat, talk, or smile.

The only choice for missing teeth used to be regular dentures. But dental implants can be a better alternative to dentures.

Dental implants by Dr. Crosby are porcelain crowns fixed to a titanium screw that is implanted into the bone where the missing tooth’s root had been. You can eat and speak naturally, and feel free to smile because no one will know that you have lost teeth.

If you’ve lost your teeth or are dissatisfied with dentures, let us help you decide if dental implants are a better option for you. Whether you want to replace one tooth or replace all your teeth, Dr. Richard Crosby in Anchorage can help.

Call us at 907-202-8379 today if you’ve lost your teeth. Dental implants need a strong bone for support. The sooner you call us for an appointment for dental implants, the more successful the treatment will be.