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Makeover Dentures: The Better Denture!

added on: June 12, 2013

Are you currently wearing traditional dentures? Or do you need dentures now?

We need our teeth for chewing food and speaking normally. But our teeth also help give the face its shape, and support the underlying muscles and bones. The teeth and gums are vital, living elements, as important and interconnected as every other system in the body.

When teeth are lost, the bones underneath them are no longer stimulated and sustained by biting and chewing. They begin to deteriorate and lose calcium, called resorption. When this happens, your face begins to lose its shape, sinking in and sagging.

Makeover Dentures are a recent innovation that can help maintain the shape of your face. This is also the position that gives the most support to the face, preserving your appearance.

Makeover Dentures fit better and feel more secure than traditional dentures. A better fit means better chewing and speaking abilities, and a more confident smile.

Not all dentists are trained in the placement of Makeover Dentures, but Dr. Crosby has received both the neuromuscular education and technical training to ensure successful placement of Makeover Dentures. In fact, Dr. Crosby is the only dentist in Alaska who has the training and technique to place them. Because Dr. Crosby can complete Makeover Dentures in as little as 2 weeks, many of our patients can (and do!) travel from all over the state! That’s a fast schedule, but your appointments will allow for all the time you need to ask questions and talk to Dr. Crosby about your treatment, as well as get the exacting, professional skill to assure a beautiful outcome!

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