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Periodontal Disease Treatments

added on: November 13, 2013

Gum disease, or periodontal disease affects almost 50% of adults over 30 in America and jumps to 70% for those over 65.

As startling as those numbers may seem,  a bigger picture is starting to emerge that makes it even more concerning.  Research is starting to reveal links between gum disease and other illnesses.  It isn’t yet clear exactly how, but it appears that as bacterial infections invade down the roots of teeth, they gain access to our blood stream.


Diseases like diabetes and low birth-weight babies, are all implicated, as well as heart disease and arterial plaque.

See what Whoopie had to say about it in 2008 when she had periodontal surgery.



What to do?  There are many techniques available today that help treat advanced periodontitis, including lasers to sterilize these infected sites, and a new form of antibiotics.  Antibiotics have always been the best treatment for an infection, but keeping them at the site of gum disease for long enough has always been a problem.  Arestin is an antibiotic that is uniquely packaged and has been able to overcome this hurdle.  The key is the microspheres that allow Arestin to adhere to the gums in infected pockets, and slowly release over time, even up to 30 days!  This treatment, when combined with deep cleanings, can make significant headway towards treating Periodontal disease and allowing patients to keep their teeth healthy for longer.

Of course the best treatment is prevention and regular visits to see your dental professional will go a long ways towards being able to avoid expensive and painful care!