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Veneers to resurrect a smile

added on: September 29, 2015

So here’s a fun case we worked on recently.

DJ was tired of the short teeth with spaces between them.  With some creative work with a laser and some exceptional porcelain veneers, we were able to work wonders with his smile.








We started with two steps together.  #1 – lengthening the teeth by recontouring the gum tissue with a laser and #2 – closing the spaces with temporary veneers

X03102_11 (Small)


Of course we have a ways to go, but this allowed us to assess the gums and how they heal.  It also gives DJ and his wife time to get used to the new look and offer any input they might want. After the gums have healed, which takes a couple of weeks…

X03102_13 (Small)We were then able to place the final porcelain and get a truly amazing result!

X03102_20Here’s a better close-up shot…

X03102_14And a good comparison of the before and after result.

Before & AfterThis really is like having a magic wand, and it is patients like DJ that make this the best job I can imagine.

Dr. Crosby