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What Are Makeover Dentures?

added on: December 11, 2015

Crosby Smiles - Strickland Facelift DenturesMakeover Dentures are dentures that help patients retain their bone mass, allowing for a significantly improved look. At Crosby Smiles in Anchorage, Dr. Crosby can help you maintain your facial shape, and look your age, if not younger.

How does it work?

Many people are unaware that when you lose one, multiple, or all of your teeth, you facial shape begins to change. Your bone immediately begins to pull back or atrophy in the spot where the tooth is lost due to the loss of pressure from a tooth being present. Standard or traditional dentures do not provide the stimulation necessary to keep your bone healthy. This beings to change your facial structure and the look of your face. This change does not happen at one, it happens gradually, meaning your traditional denture will not fit correctly repeatedly at the bone mass of your jaw reduces. What’s more, your facial shape ages in look significantly. The facial shape begins to appear sunken and small. This is not what anyone wants.

Makeover Dentures are different. They are designed to continuously stimulate the alveolar bone just as your natural teeth do, resulting in your bone mass not shrinking. By resting partially on your muscles, the Makeover Denture gives support allowing your muscles something to be stable on, relaxing the muscles producing the “facelift” appearance without surgery.

How can I get a Makeover Denture?

Dr. Crosby is the only dentist in Alaska that offers this denture system. This is due to the extended education and training that comes with the ability to offer this product. There are many products out there, but this is one that Dr. Crosby feels good about and knows it can help his patients feel comfortable and happy while wearing dentures. You are going to live a long life, and you use your mouth multiple times a day both in consuming and expressing, let us help you express you as you want to be seen and heard.