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Myth: “I’m too old…”

added on: March 3, 2016

I’ve heard it said on more than one occasion, “I want a better smile, but I’m too old for braces!”

And who can disagree?  When you’re 14 years old, braces can be ok, maybe even cool with the right colors, but at 50?  60?  70?

Maybe if you’re Ben Stiller, you can pull it off…

Anchorage Dentist Braces

…then again, maybe not.

These days, getting a better smile is a lot easier than you think!  With Invisalign or veneers, a smile can be great without looking like a teenager again.

Invisalign uses clear, plastic trays to straighten teeth.  They aren’t any faster than traditional braces, but they look great!

Here’s what they look like…

Anchorage dentist invisalign

Another option is veneers, which are thin layers of porcelain placed on teeth.  When veneers are placed, patients pick the color and can have healthy white teeth that stay white.  Veneers also straighten teeth and close gaps!  Look at this example of some teeth we just finished.
Alaska Dentist Veneers

When we look from the top, it is a little easier to see how well we can correct teeth that are out of alignment.
Anchorage Dentist Veneers

And this is how great it looks with veneers on only 4 front teeth!  If we add more teeth, it only gets better.  You can find more examples here.

The best part about veneers is not just how great they look, but how fast they can be completed.  Oftentimes a smile can be completed in as little as a week and, in some cases, on the same day!

I would love to help you love your smile. contact us.

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