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Noisy Sleeper in Alaska?

added on: March 31, 2016

Could your snoring be a sign of sleep apnea without you knowing it?

Snoring is often the biggest indicator of sleep apnea and it is remarkable how much damage it can do to our bodies.  Here is an article from the NIH on the important role sleep plays in our health.  (click here)

At nighttime during sleep our bodies are supposed to be resting and recovering from our daily activities.  If our body has to work harder to get air when we are sleeping then it isn’t resting.  More and more studies are showing things like high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, weight gain, and acid reflux can ALL be improved with quality sleep.

Many people with sleep apnea require cumbersome sleeping devices called a CPAP, but we think they look more like they’re from Mad Max.  Or maybe a fighter pilot like Tom Cruise in Top Gun.

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Many people don’t realize that a specialized small, plastic nightguard made by Dentists can also be used to decrease snoring and improve a person’s airway.  When we lay down to sleep, our jaw and tongue can fall back putting pressure on our airway.  By simply holding the lower jaw forward slightly, this small device is able to maintain the airway our body needs.

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If you think your snoring (or your spouse’s snoring) might be helped with a dental appliance call us today (contact us)!

*Keep in mind that not all forms of sleep apnea can be successfully treated with a dental appliance which only a sleep study can confirm.  A visit with your physician can help get you on the right course to see if a snore appliance would indeed address more than just the snoring for you.

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