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Root Canal Therapy Can Save Your Teeth

added on: June 23, 2016

Root Canal Patient Relieved To Have Saved A ToothWhen it comes to your teeth, there is nothing better than the original. While there are plenty of restorations available to help if you lose a tooth, saving your existing teeth is always the better option. Fortunately, if your teeth have been damaged, a root canal can help to save them.

What Exactly is a Root Canal?

The term root canal refers to root canal therapy – a common dental procedure that is used to treat teeth that are injured, damaged, or have deep cavities. Throughout the procedure, a dentist will remove the diseased or damaged tooth pulp from the chamber before cleaning out the root canals and then sealing them to keep out future infection. Then, the tooth is topped with a crown in order to restore the tooth to its original strength.

Is a Root Canal Really Necessary?

If your tooth has infected pulp, ignoring the problem is never a viable option. The tooth will need to be treated as soon as possible, or significant swelling and pain could develop. Delaying a root canal could also require the infected tooth to be surgically removed if it is treated too late, and this will actually create additional costs – not only will you have to pay for the initial extraction, but the restoration options available will also cause you to spend more money. Additionally, prompt treatment in the form of a root canal can preserve both your tooth and your smile, possibly even for life.

Retaining your original teeth is the best decision for your dental health. By saving your natural teeth, you’ll keep your normal chewing ability and bite patterns while preserving your jawbone. So, if you are suddenly experiencing severe tooth pain, you should never delay visiting your dentist for an evaluation. Saving your tooth with a root canal is the best course of action, and your dentist can discuss your options.