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Are All Smiles Done With Expensive Veneers?

added on: August 9, 2016

Without question, the clear answer is ‘No.’

More often than not, there are simple changes a person can make with their teeth to improve their smile.  In the most common case, we do laser or take-home whitening.

Here is a case we just finishedAnchorage Dentist Smile.Anchorage Dentist Crosby

For this patient, she had just a few, short months with a clear, removable retainer (think Invisalign), some whitening, and some recontouring.  Recontouring is simple and is just shaping the teeth to make them more aesthetic.  We round off the sharp corners or chipped edges and the best part is no shots!

It often doesn’t take much to improve a smile and no, it doesn’t require veneers in every case!

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Dr. Crosby