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Today’s Dental Implant

added on: August 14, 2017

Here is a great example of how easy a dental implant can be these days.  In addition to today’s post, you can also read more about dental implants here.

The Problem

Joe already has implants for his molars, but we noticed a problem with the premolar in front of the molars (the tooth all the way on the right of the xray).

If you look close, you can see what is called “external resorption” on the root.

X-ray image of dental implant


Here, I’ll help you out a bit…  See the dark area I’ve circled below?

x-ray showing external resorption on tooth root

Yes, x-rays can be tricky, but this tooth is about to cause a big problem for Joe and the only way to fix the tooth is to replace it with an implant.







The Solution

We placed an implant the same day we took the tooth out.  Now we will wait for the bone to heal and in about 3-4 months we can put a crown on the implant.

x-ray image of dental implant


External resorption is the process that we usually see in baby teeth.  When the permanent tooth comes in behind a baby tooth, the root dissolves and the baby tooth comes out.  For some reason this same biologic process can run out of control and cause a permanent tooth to be lost.  Fortunately it doesn’t happen very often, and an implant is a great replacement for the tooth.

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Good luck!

Dr. Crosby