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7 things I’ve learned in 20 years of dentistry

added on: October 12, 2017

Ok, so first let’s hope I’ve learned more than seven things in 20 years of practice, but let’s take it slow.

  1. When the flossing industry tells you they sell 12 inches of floss per adult each year in the US, is it because people are recycling their floss?  Hmmmmm, maybe there really isn’t much flossing going on.
  2. Never let a spinning drill bit touch latex.  This includes both gloves and rubber dams.  You don’t have to do it more than once to avoid it for the rest of your career.  Imagine your garbage disposal catching your scarf – it’s gets real ugly real fast!
  3. Also never let your hair near an old belt driven drill!  An assistant once told me of working with a patient when her hair became tangled in the belt.  The drill instantly smacked into her face and she had to wait patiently for someone to come cut her bangs free while the drill just dangled there.  Of course it had to be a patient she had a major crush on.
  4. If you have to throw up, make sure to check for your denture before you flush!
  5. While skydiving, keep your mouth shut or you may lose more than altitude!  Watch it here
  6. The light only goes out when you’re working.  Keep a spare bulb handy!
  7. Check for loose teeth before making an impression!  Patients don’t like losing teeth unexpectedly.  And telling patients tongue-in-cheek “Don’t worry, we don’t charge for teeth that come out in impressions!” doesn’t cut it either.  A lawyer patient once answered “Oh, but I do!”

That’s all for this week!


Dr. Crosby