We’re all busy today and while we know our teeth are important, do we all make the time we need to care for our mouths?

While you may be one of the few, it’s not surprising many of us have a tough time squeezing it all in, so here are a few quick helpful ideas from your Alaska Dentist:

1. To floss or not to floss – We all know it because they tell us at our checkups to “floss more,” but do we always have to do the best flossing, or can we sometimes cheat a little?  What if there were an easier way?  With a handy little plastic holder, these little “flossers” have flouride to help keep your enamel safe!  [ctt template=”3″ link=”uPU63″ via=”no” ]They are even small enough to tuck away in a purse or wallet for those work lunches, too!   Check out these little guys…[/ctt]

2.  To rinse or not to rinse – Mouthwash has been around for years and the choices are endless, but are some better than others?  The answer is yes!  It used to be the only way we could kill the troublesome bacteria was by using lots of alcohol in the mouth rinse.  The problem is frequent alcohol can lead to oral cancers, so now what?  Well, now with essential oils there is a clear winner that not only fights bacteria but also freshens breath!

Tooth & Gum Tonic by Dental Herb Company fits the bill.  You can even keep a bottle at work for a mid-day refresher.

We stock this at the office, so just let us know if you’d like some!  Contact Us

3. Waterpiks have been around a long time and they help by acting as little “fire hoses” that blast pressurized water between your teeth.  They help to get stuff out, but they also massage the gums to help get better blood flow too.  They’re almost as good as flossing, but do we really need another counter top piece of equipment in our bathroom?

We love these.  Fill it up with plain water, or even add in a little Tooth & Gum Tonic for an extra boost!  Without the bulk and crazy hoses of traditional counter top units, you can even take it in the shower with you!

Now you can avoid spraying the bathroom mirror down too!  We stock these also, so let us know if you’re ready to help protect your gums.  Contact Us

Good luck and let us know if you have any ideas too!