A recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Dentistry has suggested that prescription tray therapy can be effective at treating patients who are living with chronic gum disease. There are a variety of ways to treat the problem, including better oral hygiene, periodontal maintenance therapy, scaling and root planing, and other options. Now, prescription tray therapy is becoming a viable option.

This study examined 66 patients who were prescribed customized Perio Tray treatments from Perio Protect. The tray delivered a gel of 1.7% hydrogen peroxide directly into the periodontal pockets. Researchers collected data when the tray was originally delivered, at six months, and at one year. Then, it was conducted at annual intervals for up to five years.

The results of this research showed that there were reductions of gingival bleeding by 60%-85% for both smokers and nonsmokers who used the tray daily for at least ten months. These results were shown after only six months of use, and they were well maintained throughout the study. Additionally, of the 1,745 teeth that were used in the study, only one was lost during the entire five-year period.

Before the study, all of the patients had been receiving long-term gum care, including maintenance therapy every 2-4 months. However, they weren’t responding well to treatment and didn’t see any real benefits to treating the condition until they started with tray therapy. In addition to success at improving oral health, patients who used the Perio Tray stated that the treatment method was easy to use, flexible, and comfortable, and all of the 66 patients stated that they would wholeheartedly recommend the use of the treatment to other people.

If you are suffering from gum disease that does not seem to be improving despite the efforts of you and your dentist, maybe it is time that you started discussing tray therapy.