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Losing a tooth, or teeth, is devastating—physically and emotionally. It’s hard to chew and speak, and can affect what you eat, impacting your diet and nutrition. You may also be reluctant to smile or laugh openly.

When a tooth is lost, the gap left can change the shape of your face, causing it to sag. If the gap isn’t filled, then the underlying bone begins to deteriorate, creating more sagging and wrinkles.

The best solution for a missing tooth is a dental implant, which is as close to having a real tooth as modern dentistry can create.

The implant itself is a titanium screw placed into the bone. It’s a short procedure, with minimal discomfort. Once the gums have healed, a porcelain crown is fixed to the implant.

Dr. Crosby has received extensive training in the technology and techniques, and has placed hundreds of successful dental implants.

Dr. Crosby uses Biohorizons® dental implants. There are other brands available, but Biohorizons’ implants have been independently studied to validate their effectiveness.

Some of our patients travel very long distances to come here for their treatment, because of Dr. Crosby’s excellent reputation and expertise in these specialized dental restorations.

No matter where you live, if you travel to Anchorage to see Dr. Crosby, we’ll ensure that your stay here and your treatment will be as comfortable as we can possibly make it.

Call us at (907) 277-1098 to schedule an appointment if you have any missing teeth. We can examine your teeth and discuss with you all your options, including dental implants.