Bad breath can be extremely embarrassing, especially if it happens when you are at work. While you might brush your teeth before you get into the office and won’t need to worry about bad breath in the morning, your lunch can turn all of that around. Fortunately, by choosing what you’ll take to have for lunch carefully, you can fill yourself up without having to worry about turning off your coworkers or clients with your bad breath.


Usually when it comes to office etiquette, fish should be avoided for lunch. However, sushi is the exception, as it is void of heavy spices and doesn’t produce much for odors. It also won’t negatively affect your breath, but make sure you are considering if you are using soy sauce or any other condiments that could affect your breath.


Yogurt is full of probiotics that are beneficial for your digestive system, so not only will it keep your breath fresh, but it can also help with your digestive system. Adding fruit and granola can also help your lunch to feel more filling.


A salad is a delicious and healthy lunch and can keep your breath fresh throughout the day. Obviously, onions, peppers, and certain vegetables can take a simple salad and turn it into a halitosis-causing lunch. Stick with sweet dressings that won’t wreak havoc on your mouth, and check out your smile afterward to make sure there isn’t any lettuce stuck in between your teeth.

Grilled Chicken

Unless it contains heavy spices, grilled chicken shouldn’t lead to bad breath. Removing the skin can also help to reduce the potential for bad breath, as most spices hang out in this portion of the chicken. Add your chicken to a salad for a full meal that will keep you satisfied and full without affecting your breath negatively.