young adult woman sitting at desk smiling with teethIf you don’t like your smile, you may be wondering how to fix it and how on Earth you will be able to make time for a dentist. If you want a brighter smile but can’t seem to get it, no matter how much time you spend on your teeth at home, it may be time to look into finding an Anchorage cosmetic dentist who can transform your dull smile into the sparkling one you’ve always dreamed about.

You know all those actors and actresses you saw while hanging out at home streaming way too much TV during COVID? Do you think they were born with those glistening, stunning smiles? Well, maybe some of them were lucky enough to have a perfect set of bright white and perfectly straight teeth by the time they were teens. In reality, highly skilled cosmetic dentists create most of the smiles you admire.

If you live in Anchorage, Alaska, or a surrounding area, please know that cosmetic dentistry (which differs from general dentistry and restorative dentistry) is within your reach. You’ll be amazed at what an Anchorage cosmetic dentist can achieve in a very short time.

Cosmetic Dentistry vs. General Dentistry vs. Restorative Dentistry

If you think of general dentistry as focusing on the health of the teeth and gums and restorative dentistry as “restoring” function back to your mouth, think of cosmetic dentistry as making your smile beautiful. General dentists focus on keeping your gums and teeth healthy. They will remove decayed teeth and periodontal disease and will help keep your teeth and gums healthy, so you may enjoy your natural teeth for a long time.

Restorative dentists work to reconstruct your mouth or restore your teeth to their original good health. They do this in any number of ways, including dental implants, dental bridges, fillings, and dentures. The goal of a restorative dentist is to provide you with optimal oral function.

Cosmetic dentistry is more focused on the aesthetics of the mouth while ensuring the cosmetic improvements to your mouth also provide you with better functioning of your teeth. Dr. Crosby not only makes your smile more beautiful, but he will also make sure those aesthetic improvements contribute to the health of your mouth.

Most Common Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Maybe you’ve heard of a cosmetic dentist in Anchorage performing a “smile makeover.” A smile makeover is really just a term used when someone has more than one or two cosmetic dentistry procedures to create a dazzling smile. If you’re wondering, “Why cosmetic dentistry?” and “What can cosmetic dentistry do for me?”

take a look at this list of the many different procedures your Anchorage cosmetic dentist may perform to create a stunning smile:

  • Teeth whitening
  • Porcelain veneers (also known as “dental veneers”)
  • Porcelain crowns
  • Dental bonding (also known as “composite bonding”)
  • Invisalign® braces (teeth aligners instead of traditional braces)
  • Metal braces
  • Composite fillings (also known simply as “fillings” or “dental fillings”)
  • Tooth and gum recontouring
  • BOTOX® and cosmetic fillers

You may be wondering about the cost of cosmetic dentistry. Because every patient will have a different treatment plan to correct minor (or major) imperfections, it’s impossible to answer how much your particular smile makeover will cost. Each type of cosmetic dentistry procedure has very specific steps and requirements, so the cost of one smile makeover may be quite different from another. What’s important to know is that your Anchorage cosmetic dentistry office will work diligently and passionately on your smile until it’s as perfect as the one you’ve pictured in your mind.

Get Cosmetic Dentistry in Anchorage, Alaska

There’s no need to cover your smile with your hand or avoid laughing any longer. You can have a celebrity-quality smile in no time. All you need is an Anchorage cosmetic dentist with the experience and knowledge necessary to transform a lackluster smile into a stunning smile that lights up the room.

If you are looking for an Anchorage cosmetic dentist, please check out Dr. Richard Crosby. You may fill out our online contact form or call the Anchorage dental office at (907) 277-1098, and a dental team member will schedule your new patient consultation.