closeup of woman at dental office for a cleaningYou’ll often hear us recommend that you visit us every six months, and sometimes more frequently. And it’s not just because we like to see you! All of us at Dr. Richard Crosby’s dental office in Anchorage want our patients to understand why keeping up with their scheduled checkups is so important.

Regular hygiene visits and checkups with your Anchorage dentist are essential to maintain an overall healthy mouth and to make sure any potential dental problems are caught immediately, before they become difficult to treat and potentially dangerous.

Some dental problems have been linked to other health complications like certain cancers, heart disease, and strokes. This is why we encourage our patients to visit us at least every six months so we can put a stop to any oral dangers that may be present before they can affect the rest of your body. Sometimes, we may recommend more frequent visits to help keep you healthy.

During your recommend recare visits, we will check your teeth for decay and cavities, evaluate your gums for gum disease, and check for oral cancer, among other things. We’ll also remove any tartar or plaque that may have built up and perform a thorough cleaning for a polished, smooth smile.

So what are you waiting for? Schedule your appointment with Dr. Richard Crosby today and stop by to see us. We’ll check you for any problems that may be hiding in your mouth and get your teeth clean and feeling fresh. Give our Anchorage dental office a call today at (907) 277-1098!