mature adult woman smiling with teethIf you’re facing tooth loss and looking for an Anchorage dentist who can guide you through the process of the best way to replace missing teeth, you’ve come to the right place. Dental implants in Anchorage following single-tooth extraction (or multiple teeth extraction) are a long-lasting way to restore full function to areas of the mouth that have lost teeth.

The most common ways patients lose teeth are accidents, blows to the face, and gum tooth decay. Regardless of why you’re missing a tooth or several teeth, you have to consider if a root canal is a way to go or should you have teeth pulled and then have dental implants placed.

Just the thought of teeth being pulled can cause great anxiety in many Anchorage tooth loss sufferers. The term “root canal” has instilled fear in patients for many, many decades, but the root canals of today are very different from the root canals of the past. Endodontics is the specialization of dentistry that deals with performing root canals, and many advances in endodontics have made root canals much more tolerable and less painful.

Not all general dentists perform root canals, but many dentists in Anchorage are quite comfortable performing endodontic procedures. It’s important that you choose the best dentist in Anchorage with specific training and years of experience, so you can have all or most of your dental work performed in one place.

With sedation dentistry and advanced technology, root canals are really a very easy procedure that will allow you to go about your daily routine in no time at all. You will awaken from general anesthesia (or simply local anesthesia in some cases) with a beautiful new tooth that is healthy and functional.

Why Choose a Root Canal in Anchorage?

Your Anchorage dentist will take a thorough medical and dental history and then perform a comprehensive physical examination of your mouth, gums, teeth, and jaw. After all of this is done, you and your Anchorage dentist will discuss the best course of treatment. Sometimes, a root canal is preferred because the tooth is not so severely damaged that it must be extracted and replaced with a dental implant. A root canal is less invasive than implants, and the recovery time is minimal. Here are some other benefits of having a root canal performed:

  • Cost is lower than
  • Original tooth is saved instead of pulled
  • If a crown is used in conjunction with the root canal, the best dentist in Anchorage will create a beautiful, natural-looking dental crown that will last a very long time
  • Root canal is practically painless

Why Choose Extraction and Dental Implants in Anchorage?

Tooth extraction and placement of dental implants require more time in your Anchorage dentist’s chair, but the results are amazing. If you have one or more severely decayed or damaged teeth that cannot be saved with endodontics, then your Anchorage dentist will likely recommend extraction and implants.
Dental implants in Anchorage will restore your teeth to normal health and function, and you will no longer have to deal with the embarrassment of decayed or missing teeth. Some of the benefits of dental implants in Anchorage include:

  • Aesthetics are impressive; even though you don’t keep your natural teeth, the dental implants look and feel just like your natural teeth
  • Dental implants, when well cared for, can last for the rest of your life
  • Dental implants allow for high functionality
  • You will not experience the speech problems associated with dentures
  • You don’t have to worry about slippage that happens with dentures
  • Since implants cannot be removed, you can eat, drink, sleep, speak, and laugh without worrying about taking them out.
  • You simply brush and floss dental implants as you would your natural teeth

Explore Root Canals vs. Teeth Extraction and Dental Implants in Anchorage

Fixing missing or decayed, dying teeth is a big decision that requires the help of the best dentist in Anchorage, Alaska. You may be overwhelmed with everything you’ve read online and just need some guidance regarding the decision to have dental implants in Anchorage. Please call Dr. Richard Crosby General & Cosmetic Dentistry at (907) 277-1098 or fill out the online appointment request form. One of our dental team members will reach out to you shortly.