If you have missing teeth or a damaged tooth beyond repair, you’ve probably thought about replacement treatments. Implant dentistry provides a variety of options for you to choose from. Losing a tooth or teeth can be traumatic. It can affect your confidence, and how you interact with others. The silver lining in it all is that you can take steps to fix the situation and improve your smile.

Got questions about implant dentistry? Check out the top four (with answers), below!

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1. What Is Implant Dentistry?

First thing’s first! Implant dentistry provides several procedures around the placement and restoration of implants to replace missing or damaged teeth. These treatments secure implants directly to your jawbone. Therefore, there are a variety of advantages to each one, depending on your situation.

2. What Are The Benefits?

Every tooth replacement procedure has its pros and cons. The ultimate goal is to restore the function of your missing tooth (or teeth). Another reason for these treatments is to enhance your smile and assist with good oral health. Overall, implants provide a number of benefits.

Thanks to the titanium, implants fuse easily to your jawbone. Your body won’t reject the material, due to its properties. Secondly, implants look, feel, and function like “natural” teeth. They also promote jawbone and gum stimulation, keeping them healthy. Plus, they don’t place stress on surrounding teeth, which can cause damage. This is because they anchor to the jaw on their own and don’t need support.

Another advantage is, there’s never a worry that they’ll “slip out” or move while you are eating or talking. For the most part, implants become a permanent fixture in your mouth. That also means you can eat whatever you like without a care in the world. Lastly, they don’t require added maintenance. Just take care of them as you would your regular teeth. That includes daily brushing and flossing, plus routine check-ups at your dentist in Anchorage.

More than just the functionality, implants help you feel and look younger. When you lose teeth, this affects your jaw structure. This leads to a sagging or “sunken” look on your cheeks. Additionally, your jawbone can deteriorate. As such, implants increase your self-esteem.

3. What Are The Different Types?

Dental Implants

This procedure helps to replace one or more teeth. As well, they can be placed in different areas of your mouth if missing teeth are not adjacent to each other.

Implant Dentures

If you are missing one or more teeth, especially in a row, this procedure offers you the best solution. Your dentist inserts small titanium posts and connects the implants to your bone. Both your smile and jaw grow stronger with the treatment.


In some cases, mini-implants come into play. This happens when there isn’t room for traditional dental implants. Dentures fasten to your jaw with this option. It’s important to note, bone grafting cannot be done with the procedure.

Hybrid Implants

Hybrid implants are an excellent cost-effective option. A full arch of four implants is secured over your jaw. Therefore, the recovery time is shorter, and the procedure is less expensive.

Implant-Retained Dentures

If you like removing your dentures yet hate it when they shift and slip out of place, then this treatment is for you! The good news is, you can take your dentures out when you need to. The even better news is that you can also snap them onto your four implant posts when you want them in your mouth and secured! This option offers you traditional dentures with a twist. Thus, they save any possible embarrassment of your dentures falling out.

4. What Is The Procedure Like?

Firstly, you’ll pay a visit to your Anchorage dentist for a consultation. You can have an open discussion around your implant dentistry needs. You can ask questions, raise concerns, and chat about smile goals.

If you move forward, the next step is a CT scan. This detects the health and strength of your jawbone. You may need a bone graft done to increase or preserve the bone you have for the procedure. In some instances, your dentist will advise mini-implants.

Step three is placing the titanium post in your jaw. After it heals, this acts as your new tooth root. Finally, a full set of dentures or a dental crown is put on top.

Your Anchorage Dentist for Implants

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