Discreet Solutions to Aging Problems

Botox® can help if you start developing wrinkles, lines, and sagging areas. Your dentist can offer various solutions for younger, brighter facial features. Your first line of defense is your jaw. When you have a full set of teeth to keep your jaw in place, you’ll reduce sagging and sunken features. If you need tooth replacements or even a full mouth reconstruction, talk to Dr. Crosby about oral solutions.

If your jaw is already supporting your smile but you want to enhance your other features, Botox® and dermal fillers could be your perfect solution. Our dental team can provide smoother, restored skin without an unnatural or overdone appearance.

The Cosmetic Filler Treatment

It takes only five to ten minutes to safely inject cosmetic fillers. After, the beautifying effects begin almost immediately. When you leave our office, the effects last up to six months. Even better, you can easily get Botox® or other cosmetic treatments right after your regular dental visits.

By taking care of both your teeth and your facial features, you will look and feel younger. Additionally, your gorgeous smile will give you even more confidence. All you need is a refreshing boost to achieve your smile goals.

Relieve Your Migraine Pain with Cosmetic Fillers

Cosmetic fillers work wonders if you need anti-aging treatment. However, fillers such as Botox® have other uses as well. In fact, we regularly help our patients with pain relief, reducing both migraines and TMJ symptoms.

If you experience frequent migraines, you’re probably sick of the constant over-the-counter medications. Oftentimes, we find that regular over-the-counter relief causes other issues down the line. Instead, fillers can relieve migraine pain for up to six months. In order to help you reduce pain, we inject fillers around the nerve endings that send pain responses to your brain. In effect, this dulls and nullifies your pain so you can live a happier, more enjoyable life.

Additionally, Botox® and other injectables reduce TMJ symptoms. To ease your symptoms, Dr. Crosby will use injections around your joint to relax your muscles. Depending on how severe your TMJ is, we may use other treatments in addition to injections.

Your Highly-Trained Dentist for Cosmetic Fillers

If you’re looking for cosmetic filler treatment in Anchorage, Dr. Crosby can help with your specific needs. Since Dr. Crosby trains extensively in cosmetic fillers and other dental expertise, he earned a certification in the use of injectables for aesthetics and pain relief.

Our Anchorage dentist only offers the best, most advanced technology to better serve our patients. We trust Botox® because of the company’s extensive research in pain relief for headaches, migraines, and TMJ.

Botox® and Cosmetic Fillers in Anchorage

If you want to refresh and renew your facial features, visit your dentist, who cares about your smile. We offer Botox® cosmetic fillers to mitigate the negative effects of aging on your smile.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Crosby in Anchorage, give us a call at (907) 277-1098.