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More Than Just Crowns: CEREC Restorations You Can Get in One Day

CEREC technology is remarkable. It lets us make new ceramic crowns in our office in one day. There’s no need to get temporary restorations and no need to make a second visit to the dentist. Instead, you get your ’dental.

While CEREC crowns have the greatest demand, […]

What is Causing Your Tooth Erosion?

red cola cansThe enamel is an extremely important part of your tooth, as it protects the entire tooth structure from daily uses like grinding, crunching, biting, and chewing. While it is a hard protective surface, it can crack and chip, and once the damage is done, there is no […]

Avoiding Cracked Teeth

Here is a good example from this week how teeth with old, mercury fillings can create cracks in teeth.

We repaired both of these molars with custom-made ceramic crowns and a composite resin filling on the smaller premolar.

Symptoms of cracked teeth like these often involve increased sensitivity to hot and cold, as well as pain […]

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