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We like details. That’s why our digital x-rays provide sharp, high-resolution images that show us every aspect of your mouth. Digital x-rays aren’t only about better images, though. They also decrease the radiation to patients by as much as 80% over traditional x-rays. Who can say “no” to better quality that is healthier for us? With cone beam technology, you’re exposed to less radiation than traditional x-rays, and Dr. Crosby gets to see panoramic, 3D pictures of your teeth and jaws and helps determine the bone structure and density as well as measurements for surgical procedures.

With cone beam technology, we can take low-radiation CT scans showing us full, 3D images. Now we can evaluate not only the teeth, but also the bone supporting the teeth. Planning for implants is a lot easier now since we can evaluate important structures like the sinus and important nerves. Did you know our cervical (neck) vertebrae are related to our bite, our TMJ, and our airway? Now we can see all three in 3D!