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TMJ/TMD Treatment

The hinge-like joint that attaches your jaw to your skull is known as the temporomandibular joint. This area can cause some patients significant pain, and can feel stuck or actually lockup. In these cases, you may be suffering from a disorder of the joint, shortened to TMJ/TMD. From headaches to ringing in your ears, TMD can cause much discomfort. Dr. Crosby is trained in neuromuscular dentistry as a treatment option for TMD.

Neuromuscular TMJ Treatment

The neuromuscular philosophy aims to target the source of TMJ/TMD pain, opting to realign your bite and alleviate the symptoms.  By balancing your bite, you can reverse the symptoms of TMJ. When your bite is in optimal position, it comes to rest comfortably. Neuromuscular dentistry focuses on both the hard and soft tissues to reposition your bite.

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TMJ Diagnostic

Generally, TMD is diagnosed from a range of symptoms and discomforts expressed by our patients. Symptoms vary from patient to patient, but the most common include: popping or clicking sounds, headaches, pain in the jaw, face, neck or shoulders, and locking of the jaw in an open or closed position. With special equipment and a thorough discussion of your symptoms, Dr. Crosby will diagnose TMD.

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TMJ Treatment

If migraines as a result of TMJ are proving to be a real headache, Dr. Crosby has a solution. With gentle, non-invasive therapy, he can help alleviate pain and tension in your joint. Also, the use of a TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) unit can be beneficial to massage the joint and allow you to relax.

Custom fit orthotics can stabilize your bite, and reshaping and smoothing your back teeth can realign your bite. If necessary, Dr. Crosby may recommend a full mouth restoration, especially in situations where other teeth are problematic.

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Dr. Crosby uses advanced dental technology to diagnose and aid in the treatment of TMJ.  Special diagnostic equipment from Myotronics, called the K7 Evaluation System, checks the movement of your jaw, and determines the health of your underlying nerves and muscles. If your jaw is clicking or popping when you open and close your mouth, the K7 will record the sound.


We’re also equipped with a cone beam scanner, which takes a digital, panoramic image of your teeth, jaws and temporomandibular joint.

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