What is a Hybrid Implant Denture?

A hybrid implant denture (or “overdenture”) is a full denture that includes both prosthetic teeth and natural-looking gums that completely cover the upper or lower jaws. Hybrid implant dentures are anchored into the jawbone in the same way as traditional dental implants.

The hybrids, once surgically inserted and fused with the jawbone, become a permanent part of your mouth, just like with traditional dental implants. Hybrid implant dentures are much more affordable, which is excellent news to many people in Anchorage, AK looking for tooth replacement options within their budget.

How Hybrid Implant Dentures Work

seniors with Hybrid Implant Dentures laughing and enjoying the beautiful outdoorsLike removable dentures, hybrids sit on top of the teeth and gums, but they are secured with screws to the dental implant and cannot be removed without the help of an implant dentist, like Dr. Crosby in Anchorage, Alaska.

Also known as fixed-detachable dentures, hybrid dentures are more natural looking than removable dentures. With the hybrids, four to six dental implants are placed in your mouth to create a solid base to which it is attached. If you have teeth that you don’t want to have removed but you have significant bone loss, this hybrid between a removable denture and dental implants may be the perfect solution for you.

Hybrid Implants vs. Traditional Dentures

With proper care, hybrid implant dentures can last forever, unlike traditional dentures, which often need replacing every five to seven years. Hybrid dental implants are composed of titanium rods that allow a denture to be firmly and permanently secured into the jawbone. Unlike traditional dentures, hybrid dental implants with dentures do not slip out of place, and most people experience biting and chewing strength much closer to what they had with their natural teeth.

Hybrid Implant Dentures vs. Dental Implants

Hybrid dental implants are considerably less expensive than full dental implants. Though they can be a little more expensive than traditional removable dentures, they do not require replacement or relining; they can last a lifetime if well cared for, according to Dr. Crosby’s instructions.

Due to their affordability and easy maintenance, hybrid implant dentures are an appealing choice for many people facing tooth loss in Anchorage, Alaska. Cost is one of the main differences between hybrids and traditional dental implants.

Benefits of Hybrid Implant Dentures

In addition to the obvious benefits of having a beautiful new smile and a full set of teeth, there are other advantages to hybrid implant dentures:

  • They look completely natural. Dr. Crosby will take precise measurements of your mouth, including impressions of your teeth and gums. Those impressions will allow for hybrids custom designed for your mouth.
  • You will be able to chew as you do with natural teeth.
  • They are easy to maintain; follow cleaning instructions from Dr. Crosby and his team.
  • They fit securely. You will never have to worry about slippage as you do with traditional dentures. The security and stability of hybrid implant dentures restore confidence, improve self-esteem, and let you live your best life without the constant worries of tooth loss.

Learn More About Hybrid Implant Dentures in Anchorage, Alaska

With so many tooth replacement options available today, there’s no reason to suffer one more day with the embarrassing problem of missing teeth. Not only are missing teeth hurting the aesthetics of your smile, but the health of your mouth, teeth, and gums is suffering, too. Missing teeth can cause serious problems, so it’s important not to go a long time after you’ve lost one or more teeth.

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