Replace a Full Row of Teeth with Hybrid Implant Dentures

Traditional dentures are a good replacement option if you’re missing an entire row of teeth. However, many of our patients don’t like traditional dentures because they require more cleaning and, therefore, more effort. Additionally, traditional dentures can rub against your gums or fall out.

Instead, hybrid implants allow you to get the best out of both traditional dentures and dental implants. We will be able to replace a full row of teeth using high-quality prosthetics yet attach them to your smile with implants.

Using Implants to Attach Your Dentures

When we attach your dentures to your jaw, we use four implant locations. During this attachment, we insert four titanium posts into your jaw. Over time, your jaw will grow around and with these posts to form a stronger, aligned jaw.

Since we permanently attach your dentures to your jaw, they do not slip, slide, or move around.  While you eat and chew foods, your dentures will stay in place for a lifetime.

The Benefits of Hybrid Implant Dentures

Hybrid implant dentures give a variety of benefits to our patients. First, our patients love the fact that they can get affordable implant dentures instead of spending the money on full implant dentures. With the affordability, our patients don’t have to give up comfort or ease.

With implants, you can treat your dentures just like your natural teeth. In other words, you can clean your dentures without removing them and soaking them overnight. Instead, you can brush and floss your dentures as you would your natural teeth in addition to visiting your dentist for routine cleanings every six months. With dental implants, your dentist can also repair your smile easily by repairing your prosthetic teeth during your visits.

With traditional dentures, you might have to slow down your lifestyle to take time to clean your dentures and apply them in the morning. Instead, implant dentures remove the hassle of denture creams, adhesives, and denture-cleaning solutions.

Look Younger with Implant Dentures

A full set of teeth helps you retain jaw structure and look younger. Your implant dentures build up your jawline and vice versa. Then, because of your straight jawline, your cheeks will tighten as well. With a tighter smile, fewer wrinkle lines will form.

On the other hand, when you remove traditional dentures each night, your face can develop a sagging, sunken appearance. A decrease in jaw structure, then, unfortunately, leads to more wrinkle lines and more sagging in your cheeks.

Your Dentist for Hybrid Implant Dentures in Anchorage, Alaska

If you need to replace multiple teeth without traditional dentures or a large price tag, ask your dentist about hybrid implant dentures. To learn more, visit your dental team in Anchorage. Give Dr. Richard Crosby General & Cosmetic Dentistry a call at (907) 277-1098 to schedule a consultation.