Technology Built for Your Comfort

Dr. Crosby conducts a lot of research so that he can offer only the best technology. That’s why he loves using MicrO2 for oral appliance therapy. In fact, leaders in Dental Sleep Medicine created the MicrO2 appliance based on extensive clinical expertise.

From the second you walk into our office until you see results, you’ll experience the best in dental technology. After your initial assessment, Dr. Crosby will determine whether or not you need sleep apnea treatment. If he decides that you need treatment, then we’ll send you home with an oral appliance.

First, we’ll scan your teeth. Then, we’ll use CAD digital processing to develop your oral appliance. With this technology, you’ll see unheard-of accuracy and comfort. Next, we’ll send you on your way with a new oral appliance to mitigate your sleep apnea symptoms.

Additionally, when your treatment method is comfortable, you’re more likely to use it daily. Since your appliance is small and compact, you’ll always be able to pack it on trips as well.

Say Goodbye to Your CPAP Machine

You can finally say goodbye to your large, noisy CPAP machine when you start oral appliance therapy. We often see the relief on our patient’s faces when they realize that they don’t have to use CPAP machines anymore. Instead, their new, upgraded technology helps them sleep well without the noise. With MicrO2, you can rest easy, and your spouse can, too!

Easy Maintenance

Instead of storing, charging, and caring for a large CPAP machine, your oral appliance is a thin yet strong retainer-like product. Since it is one piece without moving parts, you can easily clean and store your oral appliance for nightly use.

In addition to easy maintenance, you don’t have to worry about losing your oral appliance. Our technology saves a copy of your specialized appliance so we can have a replacement ready in just one week.

Get Better Sleep

mature adult man waking up happy and smiling at his partnerAs you well know, sleep apnea is extremely disruptive to your normal sleeping patterns. During the night, you can wake up about 30 times due to low oxygen levels. In turn, this causes daytime fatigue as well as other health concerns. Not only does sleep apnea lead to more work-related and car accidents, but research shows a link between apnea and heart problems in addition to diabetes.

With your MicrO2 oral appliance, you will sleep easier and better. Our dental team specially designs your oral appliance to fit your jaw, repositioning the mandibular as needed. Additionally, we look specifically at the angle of your jaw so that your lower jaw cannot fall back during sleep, prohibiting oxygen flow.

Your Dentist for Oral Appliance Therapy in Anchorage

Sleep apnea affects both the patient and their partner due to snoring and CPAP machines. However, with modern, advanced technology, you could get better rest quickly. Visit our dental team in Anchorage to learn more about oral appliance treatment for sleep apnea. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Richard Crosby by calling us at (907) 277-1098.