Many people think that all dentures are the same. However, these days, that couldn’t be further from the truth. There are many denture options when you want to replace all your teeth. There are traditional dentures, economy dentures, implant dentures, and more.

One of the select categories of dentures is cosmetic dentures. Cosmetic dentures give you a beautiful, functional smile. The Denture Fountain of Youth®, also called FOY® Dentures, is an excellent example of cosmetic dentures that can improve your smile’s appearance and function. However, not all types of cosmetic dentures deliver on their promise. Here are five things that your cosmetic dentures should do for you. If your cosmetic dentures aren’t doing this, maybe it’s time to switch to FOY® Dentures in Anchorage.

Beautiful Smile

Of course, you should expect that your cosmetic dentures use the latest principles of cosmetic dentistry to give you a beautiful smile. However, this might be easier said than done for some dentures, especially traditional dentures.

In order to give you a beautiful smile, cosmetic dentures must give you beautiful teeth and beautiful gums. Both should look natural as well as attractive.

For a beautiful smile, your denture should have beautiful teeth. These teeth should be similar to natural tooth enamel, which gets its radiant glow from a translucence that lets light pass deep into the tooth. Many dentures have teeth made of a flat plastic, which mimics the color of beautiful teeth but not the luster. FOY® Dentures use teeth made of advanced ceramic, similar to what we use for porcelain veneers.

Another benefit of FOY® Dentures is that they’re built tooth by tooth. Unlike dentures made with a standard set of teeth, you can customize FOY® Dentures. You can choose the types of teeth you want and even pick each tooth individually. We can use the custom smile to give you replacement teeth similar to your youthful smile or make it like the smile of your dreams.

But your smile is more than teeth. Gums play an important role in setting off the bright white of your teeth. Often, denture gums are made of the same flat plastic as the teeth, just in a different color. With FOY® Dentures, the gums are made of a layered, translucent PMMA that includes threads to mimic the appearance of blood vessels in the gums.

If you’re looking for cosmetic dentures in Anchorage, demand this level of quality appearance.

Full Cheeks and Lips

Cosmetic dentures should do more than improve the appearance of your smile. In addition, cosmetic dentures should help you look healthier, more attractive, and more youthful at all times.

One thing cosmetic dentures can and should do is to ensure you have full lips and cheeks. Traditional dentures put the teeth inward to help the dentures stay stable. In addition, these dentures are only replacing your teeth, not the loss of teeth and bone mass supporting teeth. This makes them too short for your face.

The result of these two effects is that people wearing traditional dentures often have sunken cheeks and lips that fold over each other or inward.

FOY® Dentures dentists use exceptional fitting to make dentures stable. This lets the teeth be further out, in their natural position, which helps maintain cheek and lip fullness. Plus, the even force at the base of the dentures doesn’t create pressure points that can accelerate the loss of bone mass and cause your cheeks to become even more sunken.

When considering cosmetic dentures in Anchorage, make sure you assess their impact on a person’s lips and cheeks–ask to see before-and-after pictures!

Fewer Wrinkles

Many processes lead to the development of wrinkles. One of these is just what we talked about above: the loss of height and support in the lower face. With less support, it seems as if there is excess skin on the face, which has to bunch, fold, and hang off. This creates wrinkles and other signs of aging, such as jowls, turkey neck, witch’s chin, and more.

Before committing to cosmetic dentures in Anchorage, ask about their potential impact on wrinkles and other common signs of aging.


Cosmetic dentures shouldn’t just look great; they should be comfortable to wear. Dentures have a tough challenge: they replace your teeth by sitting on your gums. Your gums aren’t tough like teeth and bones; they get sore and tired from supporting dentures. Cosmetic dentures should minimize this discomfort.

FOY® Dentures reduce denture pain with an outstanding fit. They carefully balance the forces on your gums to reduce sore spots that make it hard to wear dentures and speed bone loss in your jaw.

Demand cosmetic dentures in Anchorage that are comfortable to wear.

Great Function

Beyond comfort, cosmetic dentures should give you great function. They should let you bite and chew with confidence, speak clearly, and laugh loudly. For many dentures, this is a challenge, as they often dislodge with any jaw motion. The result can be difficulty chewing, unclear speech, and dentures that often fall out of your mouth.

FOY® Dentures use a unique fitting process to get a stable placement on your gums.  Make sure your choice of cosmetic dentures in Anchorage is functional and beautiful.

Looking for Cosmetic Dentures in Anchorage?

If you are unhappy with your current dentures and want cosmetic dentures that are attractive, functional, and rejuvenating, then you should consider FOY® Dentures. Anchorage cosmetic dentist Dr. Richard Crosby is the exclusive provider of FOY® Dentures in Anchorage.

To learn more about this exciting version of cosmetic dentures, please call (907) 277-1098 or use our online form to request an appointment at Dr. Richard Crosby’s dental office in Anchorage.