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When it comes to general and preventive dentistry, you need a dentist you can trust. Dr. Crosby is professional and gracious while also treating you like a member of the family. Whether you need a dental cleaning or a root canal, he will give you his full attention and make your smile both beautiful and functional.

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Your smile should make you feel beautiful, and your dentist wants to help make it shine. With cosmetic dentistry, your dental team can fix cracks, chips, discoloration, and crooked teeth. Additionally, we can elongate your teeth or mitigate “gummy smiles.” Talk to your Anchorage dentist about the changes you want to see in your smile.

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With our advanced technology, our dental team can restore your smile quickly and painlessly. In no time, you’ll have the smile you always wanted. We love to make our patient’s smile dreams come true, whether that means getting their old smile back or creating a new and improved smile.

Family dentistry

Both TMJ and sleep apnea disrupt our daily lives by interrupting our sleep. In order to correct your TMJ or sleep apnea, see your specialist to learn more. Here in Anchorage, Dr. Crosby can help clients who experience snoring, drowsiness, jaw pain, or other symptoms of TMJ and sleep apnea.