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Sleep Apnea and Snoring

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and snoring go hand in hand in most patients. If you have been diagnosed with OSA or have someone telling you that you snore, it may be time to seek OSA/snoring treatment with Dr. Richard Crosby, a sleep apnea dentist who has treated hundreds, if not thousands, of people, just like you who suffer from sleep apnea and snoring.

While millions of Americans have sleep apnea, many go undiagnosed because a sleep apnea diagnosis requires a sleep study. In the past, sleep studies were conducted in a sleep lab where technicians monitored your every move during slumber. Now, with at-home sleep studies being so readily available, more and more people are getting an official sleep apnea diagnosis, allowing them to seek treatment immediately.

Sleep Apnea Symptoms

The symptoms of sleep apnea are both short-term and long-term, and over time, if untreated could wreak havoc on your health.

Some of the short-term symptoms include:

• Daytime fatigue
• Sleepiness during the day
• Feeling exhausted upon waking
• Trouble concentrating during the day
• Memory issues
• Mood swings/irritability
• Anxiety
• Depression

Snoring is also a common symptom, but it’s more than a symptom—it has a cause-and-effect relationship. Snoring is the sound you make while trying to force air through an obstructed airway during sleep. If you snore, you have sleep apnea; if you have sleep apnea, you will snore in most cases.

Sleep apnea occurs when the tissue in your airway becomes too relaxed and collapses, causing a blockage that will not allow air to pass through smoothly. Snoring occurs when you force air through the blocked airway, and choking and gasping for air throughout the night is common. You may not even know you’re doing this, but your sleeping partner is likely aware of your sleep struggles.

The breathing cessations that sleep apneics suffer from may occur hundreds of times each night and could last up to ten seconds or even longer. That level of interrupted sleep certainly takes a physical, emotional, cognitive, and mental toll on the person. Dr. Richard Crosby is the sleep apnea dentist who can help.

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Long-Term Symptoms

As we said above, sleep apnea has both short-term and long-term symptoms. While the short-term symptoms of OSA are very concerning and can certainly cause problems in day-to-day living, the long-term symptoms of OSA are even more problematic because they affect so many areas of the human body and to such a severe degree, especially when OSA is left untreated.

Long-term symptoms include:

  • Memory loss over the long term is quite common with OSA.
  • Depression and anxiety are often found in people who suffer from OSA.
  • Brain fog (confusion and memory issues) may continue for months, years, or even decades if OSA is left untreated.
  • OSA has been associated with a weakened immune system, which can cause a whole host of issues with fighting infection and suffering from autoimmune disorders.
  • Many people with OSA have high blood pressure.
  • OSA increases the likelihood of irregular heart rhythms, stroke, and other cardiac issues.
  • Some men experience erectile dysfunction, and other libido-related issues in all genders are associated with OSA.
  • People with OSA are more likely to be diagnosed with Type II Diabetes; likewise, people with Type II Diabetes are more likely to suffer.
  • Breathing problems at night may lead to problems with your lungs and other parts of the respiratory system.

Patient Testimonials

The team at Dr. Crosby’s is the best! Very gentle kind and caring. Easy to book and reschedule with. Office is very clean and comfortable. I tell everyone I know about this office when the topic of conversation comes up. Best dentist of my life!!!!!

Frank Villalovos

Dr. Crosby and his team are wonderful! I had multiple fillings and a crown and it was literally one of the easiest dental appointments I’ve had. I was comfortable throughout the entire procedure. I highly recommend this dental practice!

Michelle Grimes

Dr. Crosby is amazing! He has done 3 of my implants and crowns are done on the same day. This is a huge benefit for someone living in rural Alaska, like myself. The staff is so professional and kind. Thank you Dr. Crosby and your staff for the wonderful care I get when I’m in your office.

Shannon Hoffman

I have been using Dr. Crosby for many years and his work has always been excellent. Recently I asked his help with a dental emergency. He immediately reorganized to treat the problem which was solved very quickly, professionally and successfully. Such good service is exceptional these days! Thank you.

Roger Herrera

Sleep Apnea/Snoring Treatment

Sleep apnea and snoring treatment may be as simple as making some behavior modifications and lifestyle changes. When changes in sleep habits were combined with Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT), many people experienced a marked improvement in their symptoms. Also, many patients noted substantial improvement in their quality of life.

We all know how we feel after a bad night’s sleep. It makes for a very long day upon rising. Just think about the damage your physical and emotional health and well-being are suffering due to your OSA. You need not suffer any longer.

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