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added on: April 28, 2017
Noelle - Dental Patient

I love my morning cup of coffee; unfortunately, my teeth don’t love it nearly as much. Before visiting Dr. Crosby, I used whitening strips religiously, brushed with whitening toothpaste and tried just about anything under the sun to brighten up my smile, but I still wasn’t experiencing the results I desired.

I was preparing to compete in front of millions of people on NBC in the Miss USA competition. This competition was stressful enough without also having to worry about a less than brilliant smile. That’s when I approached Dr. Crosby about laser tooth whitening. Because I’m a busy full-time student and the pageant was coming up quickly, Dr. Crosby happily sponsored my whitening and came in on a Saturday to perform the procedure. Dr. Crosby’s quick, painless laser whitening procedure really brightened my smile – it lit up the stage and truly helped me shine. I had finally achieved the level of perfection I sought.

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